Smart manufacturing Virtual summit

Strategies for the New Manufacturing Reality

June 3-4, 2020


agenda highlights

Leading in a time of crisis

Rolls-Royce’s newly revitalized manufacturing campus provides a living lab for proving the flexibility of Factory 4.0 under stress—and the importance of a strong relationship with your labor force. Leverage his lessons to supercharge your operations and recovery.

A Playbook for the great reopening

It’s one thing to repoen your offices and plants. It’s going to be another to keep them open, and improving, through the long months ahead. The Chief of Safety for General Motors will provide invaluable tips from the frontlines to help you course-correct as needed in the coming weeks and months.

Advancing Technology and Resilience

The only “Lighthouse” factory in the U.s., Fast Radius provides a case study of how the digital factory of the future creates new efficiencies and enables fast pivots. Learn how adoption of new technologies will make you more resilient and your operations more scalable.

Find momentum in the “new Normal”

Now more than ever, local business and government need to work together to accelerate economic recovery efforts. Glean inside perspectives on how to work with your state to improve talent pools and strengthen operations.

Lean post-covid

Former chief of Agile for Toyota Connected will dig into how to make Lean and Agile work for the Covid-19 crisis. Take away immediate tips to make your workforce more successful and prodcutive.

Safety Now

Safety on the plat floor has always been important but the Covid-19 crisis has created a host of new challenges. Hear creative solutions manufacturers are enacting to ensure the well-being of employees and reduce risks.

A Talent rethink

Even with record unemployment, manufacturers still face a shortage challenge for new skills required. Gain tips for recruiting new talent—by looking for different metrics—to speed up your recovery and achieve long-term advantages.


Digital transformation in the age of Covid-19. M&A deal prep in a disrupted time. Building your Factory 4.0 workforce. Join your peers for interactive discussions to share challenges and solutions to move your organization forward.


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